Set Up Entertainment

Photobooth hire


Our vintage booth is a big hit with engagement and wedding parties, along with a great range of themed props to match you are sure that your guests will be in for a night they won't forget! (especially as they get a photo to remind them!)

Bespoke birthday booth

We had our birthday booth designed completely by us to be sure that not only is it one of a kind but that it definitely stands out at a surprise party! Add some great memories to those special birthdays with a booth that's as fun as you are!

Santa cabin

HO HO HO! Holidays are coming and what better way to celebrate your christmas parties than with your very own santa cabin! Great for work parties or events throughout the festive season!

Customisable booth

With our corporate booth we start with a white blank canvas skin and can match any theme to your occasion - we can customize the booth to having your company logos on or in the case of "celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl" we made a completely personalized theme for the occasion - even down to Willie Wonkas top hat props and candy canes!

Inflatable booth
LED changing lights

This inflatable booth really stands out from the crowd with a choice of colours and settings we can create the perfect colour theme to go with your party!